Big Meaty Flaps Butterfly PussyLips

by Truth Blond

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Truth be told women cum in all shapes and sizes it really makes no difference how perfect or tight a vagina looks when all that truly matters is what it can do. Who knew that nobody can ever predict vaginal tightness by external appearance alone or just by looking at outside exterior? No secret why even the most petite under developed juvenile teen cunts may appear or expected to be tight on the outside however those unused inexperienced vaginal kegel muscles that have not yet been exercised lack years of hormonal development mother nature intended for mature female vaginas that no doubt can do things childless teen pussy can only mimic go through motions recreate reinact when it’s a given why so many juveniles trying so hard have something to prove at this age clueless to even care to know what the consequences of trying to make their young genitals perform like mature womans pussy. No shame why its epidemic either but as a mother of six with 3 young beautiful daughters it’s my duty to bring it all to the light. I have never seen so many used up young cunts in all my years breaks my heart to see so much young snatch already spent before they even have given birth much less ever nursed a baby or done anything as nature intended. All for love of money. It is what it is. Own it. Wonder if I should put on airs too dare compare what you’re even getting off to dare me to orgami my pink meaty flappers hate to show off what big girls can really do but that says it alll when it’s obvious why mature women already know what we can do don’t have anything to prove :D