Pink Skirt Tease

by Sophia Smith

118 Photos | Added 4 months ago

Agreeing to help out in your home office, Sophia arrives in a cranberry coloured top, pink mini-skirt, navy tights and beige high heels. Before starting to work, she decides to have some fun and teases you, posing in her chair. When she spreads her knees, her skirt rides up and it's easy to see that she's wearing a thong under her tights. Sophia gets a bit naughty now and pulls her top up and over her head which exposes a pretty, purple bra. She does some more posing for you and shows off her bum. Whether she's going for a raise in pay or just getting more risqué, you'll never know, but she removes her skirt first and then her bra, and after showing off in many more poses, she pushes the waist band of her tights down to reveal the purple thong that matches her bra. With some coaxing, you're able to get her thong down enough to see her trimmed bush, but Sophia thinks you've seen enough at that point. Sorry, but it's time to get to work!